Internet Marketing Techniques You Need to Start Now

When you’re a small business trying to make a big splash, it’s all about finding the most effective ways to engage with your customer and potential customer base. Traditional advertising was all about putting your name in front of the public in a sort of, “If you advertise it, they will come” approach. Today’s successful entrepreneurs are figuring out ways to start conversations on the theory that the more relatable they are, the more people will want to interact, share, and buy.

The top trends in today’s internet marketing revolve around simplicity, ease of use, and ease of sharing. They establish brand identity and authority and do so with a combination of powerful images and memorable content, all of which has to be mobile friendly. Here are some suggestions for techniques you can start putting to work for you today.


If your site or any of your marketing isn’t mobile friendly, this is the very first thing you need to fix. The majority of purchases and content-sharing is being done via mobile device, and if your site isn’t mobile optimized, people will quickly leave you to find one that is. It’s as simple as that.

Content, Content, Content

The best way to establish yourself as an expert in your industry is by proving it on a regular basis with interesting, engaging content. Writing blogs on your site or as a guest blogger or Tweeting out articles and publishing them on sites like LinkedIn give you the opportunity to have articles shared and reshared. This not only gives you the chance to provide valuable information that establishes you as a thought-leader, it also provides the opportunity to build rapport and develop a following.

Images are Everything

Social media opportunities abound, and successful marketing approaches take advantage of the diversity of opportunities. One of the top trends has been to utilize pages that focus on images … think Pinterest and Instagram. The advantages of these types of sites is that they give consumers the opportunity to find items quickly, form immediate opinions, and act spontaneously. Not only should you use evocative images on these quick hit types of sites, you also should make sure that your blogs include plenty of visuals to give your text context.

Keep it Simple,…

The old KISS sales approach (Keep It Simple, Stupid) is becoming more and more effective in marketing today. With so many options available, consumers appreciate the opportunity to find what they’re looking for easily, make decisions quickly, and then purchase simply. Make sure that you have plenty of hyperlinks to purchase, and don’t overburden your visitors with too many choices – if your site is cluttered, clean out the extraneous. Present information simply and make the purchase process quick, and you’ll find people referring their friends to you for the great experience they had.

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