Signs That It’s Time to Outsource Your Marketing

When you own your own business, it can be very tempting to keep everything close to the vest. Marketing is one of those areas that a lot of small business owners prefer to keep in-house on the premise that the people on the inside have a better feeling for the company’s mission, branding, direction and goals. If you’ve been approached by a marketing firm or are just wondering whether outsourcing can offer you more benefits than your in-house operations, there are certain indications you can watch for that will tell you that it’s time to make the switch.

Too Much Work and Not Enough Time To Get It Done

This one’s pretty obvious. If your in-house marketing team’s projects simply aren’t getting done because there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it, then it’s time to make some kind of a change. With a choice of either bringing on another staff person or shifting to an external service, now’s the time to take a couple of projects and outsource them to see what you think of the end result.

Disappointing Returns On Investment

ROI is always the measure of success for a marketing campaign, and if you aren’t seeing the return that you thought you would then it may be an indication that your current program needs a boost. Unlike most in-house departments, marketing firms rely heavily on a variety of metrics to ensure that they are running a successful campaign that generates revenue, and they’re constantly tweaking their efforts to increase their results. Not only will they be able to measure the effectiveness of their efforts, they’ll also be able to show you how they can build on their success and take your small business marketing to a whole new level.

Deadlines Creep Up Constantly

If it feels like you’re constantly playing catch up and sweating to make a marketing project’s deadline then that’s a clear indication that you need some help. The farther behind you are, the less time and thought you can put into a project. When you have projects that you can’t give the time they deserve, turn them over to a marketing company. They have the resources that you’re struggling to find, and because marketing is all that they do they’re aware of what is working, what’s gotten stale, what’s working for your competitors and what’s likely to be trending tomorrow.

You Know That Your Marketing Would Be Better If You Had More Time

If you find yourself looking at your marketing campaigns with disappointment because you know they could be better, then it’s time to give it to someone who will raise the bar. Marketing companies dedicate all of their resources to achieving your objectives, and their reputation depends on how successfully they do it. They take the time to research your project, discuss a bevy of ideas that are based on quantifiable data, and create a campaign. They have personnel dedicated to testing and metrics so that they can see what is working and where improvements can be made, and then they refine the project until it meets your goals.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

If you find that you marketing strategy is just a constant rehashing of the same campaign running through the same channels, then it’s time to bring in somebody with some new ideas. Not only will a marketing company have completely different resources and creative directions, it is also their job to be on the lookout for what’s up and coming.

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